This map of local web outlets is run by Talk About Local as a public service with support from the Carnegie UK Trust. It uses data first gathered by the OpenlyLocal project which has now retired and handed the baton on to us.  Data is supplied both by site owners/operators and observers who spot them and fill in the form.  The code for the site was written by developer Adrian Short and is on github.

We soft-launched Localweblist.net in May 2015 and in the following weeks are tidying up the data and developing the new site, so things will change.  We shall do a major data cleansing exercise that will reduce the number of sites and change the site a little.  So that we don’t lose the history of sites that have closed Dave Harte of Birmingham City University has taken a copy of of the data prior to cleansing.

We aspire to be as accurate as we can, but sites come and go all the time – if you spot any errors please fill in the contact form which sends a message to the administrators.


You can get a copy of all the current data about sites here, minus contact details for each site. The date is available under this Creative Commons licence Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

We have cleaned out some sites that seemed to be no longer working – eg a 404 error or over taken by spammers – please let us know if you spot any more.

Listing a site here does not constitute endorsement, we provide an indexing function only

If the information about your site is out of date or you didn’t put it there and you’d like it removed then contact us.  We don’t require a site owner to submit details in order to list it.  If you have a strong reason to have it removed then let us know and we’ll consider it.