Inclusion criteria

What sites can get on the map?

This is intended to be a list of independent local places on the web that talk about their area.  We welcome websites, blogs, discussion forums, Facebook pages, groups, Twitter feeds etc. etc.  We approve 99% of sites submitted.

We administered the old openly local site for some years and have had all sorts of questions asked so here’s a brief FAQ:

Non-UK sites are fine – we are delighted to have a group of sites from the Republic of Ireland.

To approve a site we need to be able to see it – you must already be published and not a closed group

Localweblist isn’t intended to be a list of the websites of major local newspapers, contact the News Media Association for that.

If you are a big corporate trying to register dozens of new template sites then please contact us first as that isn’t quite in the spirit of things.

If you have a suite of local sites about a place – say a twitter feed, a blog and a Facebook page that work together then please choose the most appropriate one to register here from which a person can find the others.

We reserve the right not to list sites.